Montag, 8. August 2011

Font handling: it's hard!

So far libass uses FontConfig for collecting font metadata and matching fonts. However, fontconfig isn't ideal for matching fonts in the way the ASS/SSA formats need it. These formats primarily use the "full name" for matching the font, that is, a name including style, such as "Arial Bold Italic". FontConfig does not match against this name at all, and there are various hacks in libass to work around that (badly).

If you dig deeper into it, you'll find out that font naming is a big and complicated mess. Let's sum up the facts:
  • Various different names exist, such as family name, full name, PostScript name, subfamily name, etc.
  • Most of these can be localized
  • Different platforms (such as Windows or Mac) can have individual names
So there's no such thing as a single name for a font at all! Gladly we don't really need to support all of these names (family name and full name seems to be good enough).

As a first step to get away from the FontConfig dependency I've implemented my own font sorter and matcher that is optimized for the needs of ASS/SSA. I've also begun to work on an interface (FontProvider) that allows various font sources (such as Windows DirectWrite or container-embedded fonts) to plug into libass. At the moment, this already allows libass to work without fontconfig when only embedded fonts are needed.

There are still some problems to solve with this new code, but in the meantime, it will live in the fonts branch, until it is ready for general consumption.

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